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About Our Trailer Rental
and Land Management Company

Founded in 2021, our premier Trailer Rental Service has set out to show the Coastal Region of Georgia and South Carolina what quality care, excellent customer service, and unbeatable rates look like.


At Lambert Loads, we believe that offering the best rentals, with even the most basic of options, can make a big difference in managing the logistics for our customers. So whether you need help ordering raw materials, such as gravel or mulch, removing junk and debris from a property, or even if you simply need advice about the right methods that will solve your needs, reach out to us today and experience the difference for yourself.

Our Junk/Debris Removal services include but are not limited to:

construction debris, recycling, yard waste, foreclosure/eviction cleanouts, furniture removal, appliance disposal, trash disposal,  garbage removal, mattress disposal, waste removal, etc. Whatever you call it, call us, we'll bring a dump trailer.  

Our Material Deliveries often consist of: 

landscape/hardscape material, gravel, mulch, erosion control material, soil, wood, etc. 

Our Excavation Operator has:

years of experience of exploratory excavations of cell phone towers all over the country. Ultimately acquiring extensive knowledge of excavation processes, private and 811 utility locate procedures, trenching, benching, grading, pumping, etc. 

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